Cheeky Chops Photography
There is a $50 sitting fee and you receive a FREE 5x7 inch print worth $11. Photo sessions normally last around 1 hour (but there is no time limit) and take place in your home or on-location. Each session is fun and relaxed.

Once the photos are taken, all of the images are put onto my website. They are accessed by a personal user name and password, so not everyone can see them. I have found this is a popular way in viewing the images, as the username and password can be sent to family and friends around the world so they can view them too. The photos can then be ordered through the website or sent to me via a posted order form.

Print Prices...
6x4 Inch (15x10cm)$6.00 each
5x7 Inch (13x18cm)$11.00 each
6x8 Inch (15x20cm)$16.00 each
8x10 Inch (20x25cm)$22.00 each
8x12 Inch (20x30cm)$27.00 each
10x12 Inch (25x30cm)$35.00 each
10x15 Inch (25x38cm)$40.00 each
12x18 Inch (30x45cm)$55.00 each

All photos will be printed on Matt Paper.

Wrapped Canvas Prices...
Light Canvas Heavy Canvas
A5 (15x20cm approx) $75.00 $83.00
A4 (20x30cm approx) $83.00 $95.00
A3 (30x40cm approx) $95.00 $110.00
A2 (42x60cm approx) $110.00 $140.00
A1 (60x80cm approx) $140.00 $197.00

Please note that Cheeky Chops Photography retains copyright of all images, and reserves the right to use all works in portfolios, competitions and promotions. Prices are subject to change without notice.